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Whether you're a smaller close-knit family religious group or a trendy mega religious organisation, being able to effectively keep in touch with your members and reaching out to others is key to keeping the bonds strong and growing your community.

What are you currently doing to connect with your members? Email? Snail Mail?

How do you broadcast announcements or spread the word for new events that your organisation is conducting? Announce them during the weekly services? The good ol' bulletin board?

While making use of IT to carry out tasks more efficiently is not a new idea, being able to leverage on cutting-edge technology to do more with less is becoming more important than ever in our rapidly evolving digital world.

That's where JIVE!™ comes in to make work easier, simplify processes and ultimately let you achieve more with fewer resources.

Managing Your List

Whether you have an organisation strength of 10 or 10,000, you'll need a simple way to manage, sort and contact them. And we're not just talking about Excel here.

Using JIVE!™, you can create an address book of your believers in a matter of minutes and access it any time anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

With that, you can easily add new members to your contacts, or even import an entire list of existing members.

This way, managing your list of religious believers, no matter how small or large your list is, becomes a snap.

Sending Out Newsletters

Do you have a weekly or monthly message or newsletter that you regularly send to your members?

What if you can keep track of all your newsletters, create beautiful ones with professionally designed templates and send them out all in one place?

Using JIVE!™, you can easily send out your newsletters or even send festive greeting cards to your members directly delivered to their email inbox.

Broadcasting Events

Holding your annual dinner or hosting a family day for your members?

Announce it to your members by doing a simple broadcast specifying the details of your event.

If you need them to respond, you can even insert a form within your broadcast for them to RSVP. Wouldn't that be so much more convenient?

Getting on the Social Bandwagon

Ah, yes. Who's not talking about FaceBook these days?

Capture the hearts of those who are more inclined to social media by publishing a page for your organisation on FaceBook.

Hold discussions, create buzz and build a community by leveraging on the power of social media and the all-in-one online tool that is JIVE!™.

JIVE!™ for Sub-groups & Departments

Are your sub-groups multiplying both in numbers and in size by the day?

Empower your group leader to connect with sub-group members more conveniently and effectively with his/her own JIVE!™ account.

Likewise, different leaders from various departments of your organisation can have a dedicated JIVE!™ account as well to engage his/her department members for a more streamlined, more connected overall organisation.

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