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Blogging has now become very much a part of everyday life the same way we surf the internet and use our emails.

Some people blog for leisure, jotting down their random thoughts or discuss their passion and hobbies while others take a more serious approach and even blog for a living.

Whether you're a seasoned blogger or an amateur getting onto the blogging scene, being able to engage your readers and keep them coming back is key to determining the popularity and livelihood of your blog.

Growing Your Mailing List

One of the best ways to build a growing number of followers is to get your readers onto your mailing list. You could offer them something of value for free in return for them subscribing to your newsletter.

With the simplicity and ease of use of JIVE!™, inserting an opt-in form onto your blog has never been easier. You can choose to invite readers to subscribe via a dedicated page describing your newsletter, or via a small form on your menu column, or both!

Keep Them Coming Back

As your list of fans start to grow, keeping them updated with your latest posts, thoughts or news is the best way to stay connected and keep them coming back.

You can send them a regular monthly or quarterly newsletter, or even send out a beautifully designed EDM (Electronic Direct Mailer) festive greeting . On the JIVE!™ dashboard, this can be done in a matter of minutes.

Get Feedback

Need new ideas for your blog posts? Want to know what your readers are interested to know more about? Curious to see if they like the layout of your blog or have suggestions for improvements?

JIVE!™ allows you to create a nifty little survey form with a few mouse clicks which you can send to your list. This way, you can instantly gather valuable feedback and add even more value to your subscribers.

Grow Your List Even More

If you've got a new post that's really interesting or even controversial, or you've created your own brand new product and want to spread the word, what better way to reach out to more people by getting your existing subscribers to recommend it to their friends?

The 'Refer-A-Friend' function in your JIVE!™ Dashboard makes forwarding new stories to friends and family a snap.

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