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How many subscribers can I have in my account?


For the free account, you can have up to 2,000 subscribers. If you need to manage more subscribers, consider opting for our Monthly Plans or Pay-As-You-Go Plans.

Refer to our Pricing Chart for more details.

How many emails can I send out each month?


Using the free account, you can send up to 5,000 emails each month. Paid plans allow you to send an unlimited number of emails.

What is a micro-site?


A micro-site is a mini website, hosted on our servers that you can use for any of your campaigns to generate leads and build a database. It is separate from your own existing website (if you have any), and is ideal for new product launches, event promotions, contests etc. You can easily create your micro-site within the members' area.

How many micro-sites can I have?


All accounts, including free and paid ones, will have one micro-site.

What if I need more than one micro-site?


An additional micro-site can be added to your account for just $10/mth per additional micro-site.

Can I use Jive!™ on FaceBook?


Yes, our paid accounts allow you to integrate your lead capture page easily into your FaceBook account. This way, you can run your campaigns on FaceBook to generate an even greater customer list.

What is the difference between the Monthly Plan and the Pay-As-You-Go Plan?


The Monthly Plan is a plan where you pay a fee every month, depending on the size of your database and where you can send out unlimited emails to the subscribers in your database. The Pay-As-You-Go Plan doesn't require you to pay a monthly fee, and you only purchase prepaid credits which can then be deducted for each email that you send out.

I'd like to create a pre-written set of emails to send out to my subscribers at a pre-determined date. Can Jive!™ do that?


Yes, Jive!™ has a very powerful and easy-to-use autoresponder feature that lets you broadcast to your list directly or send them pre-written information at specific intervals. This feature is ideal for announcements, for sending out newsletters and even step-by-step instructions and information.

How will I know if my emails are sent out or if my emails are opened?


Jive!™ has a unique tracking and analysis section where you can view and download reports and charts of your campaigns and see how well your campaign is doing.

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